About me

I am Natalya Kalalb. I was born in 1988 in the Moscow region, Russia. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics and Culture, 2005-2010. Successfully completed the course "Fundamentals of Painting Techniques" of the Moscow State Art Academy named after S.G. Strogonov.


I have been painting since the age of 14. My works in private collections in Russia and the USA

Black Swan

by Natali Kalalb
I can't say that I'm only interested in the beauty of dark-skinned people. I am interested in individual beauty without frames and stereotypes.

my vision

I am a very smiling person with dark skin and not Slavic features. At school, the boys never liked me, and if they did, it was usually hidden. Then I grew up and realized how to present my appearance and began to pay attention to me. I have a wonderful husband of 10 years and three children.
So I want to show even the most blind people that there are incredibly beautiful people without stereotypes and present it in such a way that people re gret why they did not notice this before and create dubious idols for themselves
As for me pallor is associated with death. In our country we have very gray winters and the grey sullen faces nearly six months in the year is the mentality. Yes, perhaps because of this people with a strong character.

Spring Vibes

by Natali Kalalb
I'm still the pink elephant here!
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