Afroprima. Painting by Natali Kalalb
Painting allows you to see things as they were once, when they were looked at with love.
Paul Valerie
I am honest in love with each of my heroes. I hope they're not jealous of each other.
Natali Kalalb artist
Natali Kalalb artist

Natali Kalalb

Natali Kalalb
Good Girl. Painting by Natali Kalalb

Good girl

For more than 10 years, I thought I had a different purpose and I gave a ban on paint. And now I understand that this was the way to my brain and hands agreed. Now I’m happy with what I’m doing. But I can do better.

And this girl is all me!
Mursi. Painting by Natali Kalalb
60x60x2 cm
acrylic, canvas


A yang women from African tribe.
The body is painted with white stripes, which symbolize the fetters of the flesh that keep the Demon of Death in prison.
50x40x2 cm
acrylic, canvas
Ticho's Grandmother. Painting by Natali Kalalb

Ticho’s Grandmother

A dark-skinned baby is swinging on his grandmother's legs
50x40x2 cm
acrylic, canvas
I can't say that I'm only interested in the beauty of dark-skinned people. I am interested in individual beauty without frames and stereotypes.